Submitting SDS's

Safety Datasheet (SDS) Submission to The National Poisons Centre (NPC)

The NPC is happy to act as an emergency contact for first-aid or medical advice in the event of an acute exposure. The NPC number can be used on the product label, the SDS, or both. Our 24 hour contact within NZ is 0800 764 766 (0800 POISON). This service is currently free of charge. 
If our number is used on the SDS or the product label, it is a legislative requirement that manufacturers or suppliers of chemical products provide us with a copy of the SDS. We then have the information readily available in case it is required in any poisoning situation. These should be supplied before a product is marketed and be the final New Zealand version of the SDS. It is fine to put our number on the SDS before submitting the SDS as long as the SDS is New Zealand compliant. 

Process of submitting an SDS 

Ensure the SDS's you are submitting are New Zealand compliant with the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) legislation.  Click here to check.

  • The NPC does not accept non-compliant SDS, including those that do not have NZ contact details, or have incorrect formatting – overseas SDS should not be submitted 
  • To find out about the requirements of NZ SDS you will need to follow the EPA’s guidelines found on their website or they can be emailed at hscompliance@epa.govt.nzThere are also companies that can make/check your SDS for compliance. The National Poisons Centre does not provide this service 
  • The product name of the SDS must match that on the product label and include the brand name e.g. stating “Nail Polish Remover” as the name on the SDS does not provide enough information as there are hundreds of products called this. If the brand was Smith’s Nail Polish Remover on the label the Product name on the SDS should state “Smith’s Nail Polish Remover” 
  • If the NPC receives non-compliant SDS, permission will be declined until compliance is met. 

Some important requirements from the legislation are: 

  • SDS must be updated every 5 years or earlier if they need an update due to composition or name change 
  • If using an external emergency contact (e.g. the NPC) you must gain permission to use their number on an SDS and provide them with the SDS 
  • The name used on an SDS must be the same as on the label 

Sending through compliant SDS 

Flash drives and CD/DVD roms can be sent to the following address.  Files must be named as per the products name on the label.  If you wish to have your flash drive returned, please provide a pre-paid addressed envelope or courier bag. 
Postal Address: 
The National Poisons Centre 
SDS submission 
University of Otago  
PO Box 56 
Dunedin 9054 
New Zealand 
Courier Delivery Address:
The National Poisons Centre 
SDS submission 
University of Otago  
c/- Ground Floor, Adams Building 
18 Frederick Street 
Dunedin 9016 
New Zealand 
Digital pdf and word formats can be sent to the following email address:  (please use the words “SDS Submission” in the subject line).  Emails are typically replied to within 2 business days.  If you do not receive and acknowledgment within 5 working days, please contact us. 

Please note that .zip files are currently not accepted. Files must be named as per the products name on the label. 


Frequently asked questions 
Are SDS the same as material safety datasheets (MSDS)? 
- Yes 
Can the NPC write an SDS for us or check to see if it is NZ compliant? 
- No but there are many companies who can do this for you if you do not have the specialty expertise within your company. 

Can I send an SDS that does not comply with the NZ format? Should we send through an overseas version (NZ non-compliant version) of our SDS for permission and then send through a NZ compliant version once permission is granted?

- No, we only accept NZ compliant versions. Overseas versions should not be sent through even if you intend to send a NZ compliant SDS in the future. To find out how to make an overseas SDS NZ compliant please contact the EPA. 
Is there a cost for providing the NPC with SDS? 
- Currently there is no cost 
Can I send an SDS that does not comply with the NZ format? 
- SDS available in NZ should comply with the NZ format. To find out how to make an overseas SDS NZ compliant please contact the EPA. 
What phone number should we use for the NPC contact number? 
- 0800 764 766 (0800 POISON) 

I require a number that can be called from overseas for shipping purposes.  What number should I use? 

+64 3 479-7248 
Further Information 
For further information on NZ requirements of SDS contact the EPA at

For further information on supplying SDS to the NPC contact