Kansas Zoo Serves Poison Instead of Sno-Cones

Four zoo patrons became unwell after a zoo employee confused a cleaning agent with "blue raspberry" sno-cone flavouring. The bottles were very similar.

Aniline Gas Poisons Factory Workers

More than 1,000 workers in China fell ill after inhaling what is suspected to be aniline gas from a neighbouring factory.

Drink Spiking Poisons Five

Three men and two women aged 19 to 29 are recovering in hospital after having their drinks "spiked" with what is believed to be Ecstasy (MDMA).

Scorpion Antivenom Being Developed

Researchers in Arizona claim that antivenom to Bark Scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus) stings is effective, as published in a New England Journal of Medicine article.

RSA Trio Poisoned

Three people were admitted to hospital after drinking a poisonous chemical they thought was water from a jug at a Returned Serviceman Association (RSA) bar.

Woman Poisons More Than 60 With Curry

Japan's Supreme Court has sentenced a woman to death for killing four and making more than 60 ill by poisoning a large pot of curry at a summer festival in...

Tree Grows Inside Mans Lung

Surgeons operating on a Russian man were surprised to find that the object they thought was a lung tumour was actually a fir tree.

Nightshade Berries Found in Frozen Peas

Black nightshade berries have been found in a packet of frozen Talleys peas. Talleys and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority are investigating this contamination.

Couch Fumigants Cause Dermatitis

Several cases of dermatitis have been reported in China, Finland and the U. K.

New Poisons Plants Book for NZ

Leading Christchurch botanist, Henry Connor, and Poisons Centre Medical Toxicologist Dr John Fountain, have published a book about Poisonous Plants in New Zealand.

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